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Authorized Distributor For Elkay Singapore Water Coolers

  • Elkay Drinking Fountain and Bottle Filling Stations

    Exclusively manufactured in USA, Elkay offers drinking water solutions including bottle fillers, water coolers, drinking fountains, and water chillers. Designed for educational institutions, airports, healthcare, fitness clubs and hospitality, and commercial sectors. Wheelchair-friendly designed and ADA Compliant.

  • Outdoor Water Dispensers

    Catering to the outdoors, an extensive range of outdoor water coolers, bottle filling stations and drinking fountains with weather-resistant finishes available. Suited for locations such as recreational areas, parks and sports facilities. Drinking fountains are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

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*NEW! 100% Contactless Sensor Water Coolers

The new and improved Elkay water coolers and water dispensers now comes with 100% contactless sensor activation.

Sensor activated water dispensers offer a greater peace of mind with zero contact to reduce cross contamination through high touch common surfaces. Elkay’s touchless water coolers offers maximised hygiene and sanitation. Other models available upon request. Submit a query to find out more.

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EZH20® Bottle Filling Station With Single ADA Cooler

Popular Bottle Filler & Drinking Fountain combination for schools and commercial use

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Elkay EZS8L2JO
Wall Mounted Water Cooler

Chilled drinking water fountain, ADA compliant design

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EZH20® Bottle Filling Station With Single ADA Cooler

Water cooler combination

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SwirlFlo® Bi-Level Refrigerated Drinking Fountain

Two basin chilled drinking water fountain, ADA compliant design

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Elkay EDFP214C
Soft Sides Single Drinking Fountain Non-Refrigerated

Ergonomically curved design drinking fountain

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EZH20® In-Wall Bottle Filling Station

Built-in, space saving sensor activated bottle fillers

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Elkay LK4430BF1U
Outdoor Water Dispenser with Tri-Level Pedestal Mount

Designed with weather resistant finishes for outdoor usage. Ideal for parks and recreational locations

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Elkay LK4410
Outdoor Drinking Fountain Non-Refrigerated

Outdoor standing drinking fountain

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LK4593/ LK4591 Elkay Stone Outdoor Drinking Fountain

Weather Resistant Stone Finish - Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

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Remote Drinking Water Chiller

Versatile, compact and hidden installation.

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