Combat Airborne and Environmental Bacteria with Waterlogic

Waterlogic’s Three Steps to Purified, Bacteria-Free Water

Step 1: Carbon Water Filtration

In the first step, water goes through the elaborate process of carbon water filtration.

Carbon is a highly effective medium as water filters, for your water cooler at homes and offices. Due to the absorbent and porous nature of carbon, they grab on to impurities causing bad taste and odour. At the same time, they allow naturally occurring minerals to pass through.

Step 2: Firewall ™ UV Purification

Direct pipe-in water dispensers allow better control of office expenditures as they maintain flat fees, regardless of how much water was consumed.

Waterlogic Firewall ™ Cube Countertop Water Dispenser

Firewall ™ UV purification are built-in Waterlogic water dispensers that help to purify and sterilize the water passing through. Destroying bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis. It is unrivalled technology delivers a minimum UV dosage of 40,000 microwatt seconds per square centimetre.

How it Works Against Water and Airborne Viruses

Waterlogic’s patented Firewall™ UV technology guarantees that waterborne bacteria are incapable of reproduction. The UV light keeps the dispensing nozzle safe from environmental and airborne viruses.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. UV light is highly effective against germs. A UV lamp treats the water in Waterlogic’s dispensers with doses of UV energy for fast and reliable water purification.

The UV lamp is strategically positioned at the point of dispense destroying 99.9999% of germs, 100% of the time.

Waterlogic’s Firewall UV ™ Purification at the point of dispense

Guaranteed Effectiveness

With the Firewall ™ UV lamp strategically positioned at the point of dispense, bacteria and germs are eliminated before the water lands in your cup. Firewall ™ is effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria to 99.9999%, according to over 5,000 physical tests by many established, independent laboratories.

Why choose Waterlogic’s Firewall ™
  • Enjoy an unlimited amount of UV treated water daily!
  • The flat-rate maintenance cost
  • Taste of the water is completely unaffected
  • Purified water in hot and cold water temperature

Step 3: BioCote® Protection - Even on The Outside

Proudly partnered with Waterlogic, the BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology are built on water dispenser exterior surfaces to protect the machine against germs in the environment. Plastic surfaces surrounding dispensing areas of Waterlogic units are infused with a silver additive called BioCote®, an antimicrobial element that inhibits the growth of germs by providing a permanent layer of continuous protection.

How it Works

Surfaces protected by BioCote® prevent germs and bacteria from multiplying. The technology interacts with microbes that come into contact with the surface, irreparably damaging them, preventing reproduction and causing the germs to die.

BioCote® technology creates surfaces upon which microbes cannot survive, thus reducing the presence of bacteria by up to 99.99%. It improves hygiene, reduces staining, bad odour and a delay in material degradation, which can all extend the functional lifetime of a product.


The Results

BioCote® successfully guards products against a wide range of bacteria and microbes such as MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Pseudomonas, Mold and Fungi. BioCote® protected water dispensers are proven effective by ongoing quality control testing at independent laboratories to the appropriate test standards.


Waterlogic WL3 Freestanding Water Dispenser (Silver)

Waterlogic’s Firewall™ UV water dispensers are your best choice for hot and cold water dispensers to combat cross-contamination. It’s great for locations such as offices, hospitals, schools and hotels, where bacteria-free drinking water is of priority.

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, Singapore is a major central hub for business, travel and commercial in the across international borders. The high density of Singapore’s population makes it highly susceptible to human transmissions through close interactions or environmental contamination.

Environmental contamination can come through high contact surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons, call buttons and railings. Based on researchers, the lifespan of the family of coronaviruses such as COVID-19 can survive between four and five days on various materials like aluminum, wood, paper, plastic and glass.

Adopting good personal hygiene and avoiding contact surface contamination with the help of BioCote® products helps to reduce surface contamination as much as possible. This is important for water dispensers as water is for direct consumption.

Widely Used Across the World

BioCote® technology is used by leading manufacturing companies worldwide to enhance the performance of their products and protect against microbial contamination.

This added level of protection makes Waterlogic water dispensers perfect for use in hygiene critical environments, such as hospitals, nurseries and schools.

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