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13 October 2020
Water Dispensers For GYM, Fitness Clubs and Recreational Locations

A water cooler in gyms, fitness centres and other recreational locations is essential for users. Physical exercise induces high sweat rates that come with substantial water and electrolyte loss, depending on factors such as intensity, duration, environmental conditions, type of clothing, equipment used and more.

Drinking water prevents excessive dehydration to replenish the fluids the body needs to recover and function, speed up healing, eradicate soreness, remove toxins and keep your muscles in proper working order.

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21 September 2020
Why It's Great to Own a Home Water Dispenser in Singapore

Having a water dispenser at home is great for the busy you! In short, it helps substantially with convenience, clean water, energy and cost savings in the long run.

Water from the taps in Singapore is generally safe for consumption and highly monitored within the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. However, there are also instances where water quality is affected by circumstances like corroded water tanks, pipelines and water faucets.

Here are reasons why having a water dispenser at home will be useful for your family.

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04 June 2020
Hands-Free Water Solutions for Your Workplace

In response to the current and evolving COVID-19 situation, Waterlogic now comes with an option of 100% hands-free water dispensers for your office. Designed as advanced measures against the spread of COVID-19, we are committed towards complete hands-free workplaces. To conveniently dispense water, simply just step and hold onto the foot pedal.

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04 June 2020
Elkay Hands-Free Water Coolers

As the COVID-19 situation in Singapore evolves, there is an increased concern towards bacterial cross-contamination in the environment. The importance of having good personal hygiene such as frequently washing your hands, refraining from touching your face and minimizing contact with surfaces in populated public areas will be a continued form of habit in months to come, even post-pandemic.

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28 April 2020
Still and Sparkling Water for Restaurants

Sparkling water is an uprising trend and offering in the Horeca industry. Contemporary restaurants, hotels and hospitality venues are moving towards providing a luxe dining and service experience for diners and guests. It is important that something as essential as water can be filtered, freshly dispensed and comes with a step up of sparkling water.

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09 March 2020
Combat Airborne and Environmental Bacteria with Waterlogic

Carbon is a highly effective medium as water filters, for your water cooler at homes and offices. Due to the absorbent and porous nature of carbon, they grab on to impurities causing bad taste and odour. At the same time, they allow naturally occurring minerals to pass through.

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29 January 2020
Advantages of a Water Dispenser

Itself composed of more than 60% water, the human body requires water not only to survive, but to maintain health and overall wellbeing. Staying sufficiently hydrated at all times becomes all the more crucial to keep the body functioning properly.

Having a direct pipe-in water dispenser enables you to enjoy a limitless supply of clean, filtered water with utmost peace of mind. Not only this, but having a water dispenser provides numerous other benefits, whether at home or in the office, including:

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