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Authorized Distributor for Everpure Singapore

Pentair Everpure filter is one of the most recognized brands among the food service, beverages, café, hotel industry, equipment manufacturers’ and residential use. Our extensive line of products and technology delivers excellent filtered water catered to all your requirements. We are committed in providing superior quality commercial-grade filtration solutions ensuring perfection in every glass of water.

Pentair Everpure’s trusted water filter systems are widely use across majority of our commercial clients from sectors such as Cafes & Coffee, Bubble Tea and other F&B and hospitality chains in Singapore.

  • Water Filter For Home and Commercial

    Water filter systems catered for home and commercial use. Simple, convenient, easy and fuss free maintenance. You can have great tasting water, filtered water anywhere. Can be also installed undersink.

  • Authorized Distributor for Everpure Filters in Singapore

    Pentair Everpure is a well established brand in water filtration, with stringent industry standard NSF® certification. Extensive line of products and water filter systems to deliver excellent water solutions for your requirements.

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Everpure Water Filter Systems

Everpure filters are widely use across majority of our commercial clients. From various sectors like specialty coffee, cafes, specialty tea chains, F&B, hotel and hospitality industries in Singapore.

Specialised Filter Systems for

  • Drinking Water
  • Café and Restaurants
  • Specialty Coffee, Tea and Beverages
  • Ice Machines
  • Steam Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Homes
  • Office and Workplace
  • Educational Institutions, Schools and More

Why Choose Everpure?

  • Great Taste
  • Quality, Purified Water
  • Efficient Equipment Performance
  • Reduced Scale Build-up and Corrosion
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • NSF® Certified Filters under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53
2FC-S EV9691-76 | 4FC-S EV9692-3 Filter Cartridge

Advanced filtration with phosphate for prevention against limescale. Applications: Specialty Coffee & Beverages

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2CB5-S EV9617-22 | 4CB5-S EV9617-21 Filter Cartridge

Particulate removal, reduction of odour & chlorine taste

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EVERPURE® Claris Ultra 1500-XL
EV4339-83 Water Softening Filtration System

Filter features tailored water hardness and softening control that helps deliver your desired water recipe.

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2FC EV9691-56 | 4FC EV9692-21 Filter Cartridge

Fountain Beverage, FIiter Combination Systems

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EVERPURE® 7FC EV9692-61 Filter Cartridge

Commercial Fountain, Combination Systems

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EVERPURE® i20002 EV9612-22 Filter Cartridge

Ice Machine

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EVERPURE® MC2 EV9612-56 Filter Cartridge

Fountain, Combination Applications

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EVERPURE® MH2 EV9613-21 Filter Cartridge

High flow volume brewers

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EVERPURE® BH2 EV9612-50 Filter Cartridge

Low to medium level brewers

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EVERPURE® OW4Plus EV9635-01 Filter Cartridge

Residential, small capacity coolers, office drinking water

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EVERPURE® 4C EV9601-00 Filter Cartridge

Cold cup vending

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EVERPURE® SS-IMF EV9799-32 Scalestick® Filter Cartridge

Ice and water using equipment

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Pentair Shurflo Medium Booster Pump

For control of water flow & pressure applications

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