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  • Waterlogic Water Coolers

    Proudly established in Europe, Waterlogic water coolers combine sophisticated water filtration with Firewall™ UV purification. What’s more, Biocote, a silver antimicrobial protection protects the water dispenser dispensing area against bacteria and prevents cross contamination across different users. Your ideal choice for hot and cold water dispenser for office, commercial, homes and more.

  • NEW! Hands-Free Office Water Dispensers

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Waterlogic now comes with the option of 100% contactless, touchless water dispensers for your office and workplace. Designed as advanced measures against the spread of bacteria and viruses through high contact surfaces, a hands-free solution benefits overall hygiene and sanitation objectives at your workplace.

Simply press and hold the foot pedal to conveniently dispense water

  • Complete zero-contact water dispenser
  • Cost effective
  • A peace of mind
  • Option to add on to your existing Waterlogic unit

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Waterlogic WL H1 Bar – E Series
Still and Sparkling Water Dispenser

High capacity sparkling and still water dispenser for restaurant, foodservice & hospitality.

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Waterlogic WL7 Firewall™
Water Dispenser

Advanced Firewall™ UV Techology with sparkling water function and full colour display panel

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Waterlogic WL3 Firewall™
Water Dispenser

4 Water Temperatures & Advanced Firewall™ UV Technology

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Waterlogic WL2 Firewall™
Water Dispenser

2 Water Temperature Types & Advanced Firewall™ UV Technology

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Waterlogic WL1000GF
Standing Water Dispenser

Hot, Cold & Ambient Water
In-Tank UV System

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Waterlogic WL2000IT
Water Dispenser

Popular Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
In Tank UV System

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Waterlogic WL100 Water Dispenser

Hot & Cold Water
Reliable & Economical Water Dispenser

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Waterlogic Firewall™ Cube
Water dispenser

Cold, Ambient, Hot and Extra Hot Water.
Advanced Firewall™ UV Technology

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