Advantages of a Water Dispenser

Itself composed of more than 60% water, the human body requires water not only to survive, but to maintain health and overall wellbeing. Staying sufficiently hydrated at all times becomes all the more crucial to keep the body functioning properly.

Having a direct pipe-in water dispenser enables you to enjoy a limitless supply of clean, filtered water with utmost peace of mind. Not only this, but having a water dispenser provides numerous other benefits, whether at home or in the office, including:

Healthier employees

Not only at home, but in the office, having an easily accessible hot-and-cold water dispenser encourages employees to drink more water and bring their own water bottles. Having a direct pipe-in water dispenser contributes to more water consumed, which in turn contributes to an effective and efficient workforce. Being amply hydrated also improves productivity and concentration, and enhances overall bodily functions such as digestion and metabolism.

With an easily accessible hot and cold office water dispenser, employees will have lower tendencies to consume sweetened packaged drinks that are loaded with sugar and have an adverse impact on the health.

Waterlogic™ offers a range of water dispensers infused with BioCote® technology, a silver-based additive that provides continuous protection against surface bacteria and cross-contamination. BioCote® kills up to 80% of germs in 15 minutes and over 99% germs in 2 hours of contamination.

Additionally, BioCote® prevents germs from multiplying. It works by interacting with microbes and irreparably damaging them, thereby preventing reproduction.

Worry-Free, Fuss-Free

A direct pipe-in water dispenser requires only a simple bi-annual or quarterly maintenance and replacement of filter cartridges.

Leave the maintenance in the hands of our specialised in-house team when you avail of our yearly servicing package. Call us at 6841-5952 if you require any service attendance.

No More Bottle Deliveries!

Availing of water delivery services take up a considerable amount of time, manpower and storage space. With a direct pipe-in water dispenser, you can enjoy an effortless supply of clean, purified water, and at the same time eliminate the strenuous process of placing orders and deliveries.


Direct pipe-in water dispensers allow better control of office expenditures as they maintain flat fees, regardless of how much water was consumed.

Ease of Use

We offer a range of tabletop and standing water dispensers, each one designed to meet the specific requirements of your location. The water dispensers are ergonomic and easy to use. Simply press the dispense button and enjoy your drink. Hot and cold water options are available to eliminate the hassle of chilling and boiling water.

Purified, Great-Tasting Water

Equipped with Everpure professional-grade filters, our models are able to eliminate the contaminants and odours that affect the taste of the water. On top of that, our selection of Waterlogic™ water dispensers comes with Firewall Ultraviolet (UV) purification that wipes out up to 99.9999% bacteria and impurities. UV water purification works by using UV rays to destroy harmful pathogens in the water and prevent their reproduction.

Reduced Plastic Waste

There is a continuous increase in the use of single-use plastic bottles, with most more often not getting recycled and ending up in landfills. Overall, it is reported that only approximately 20% of plastics are recycled, with the remaining percentage incinerated or sent to landfills. Using water dispensers can help eliminate the use of non-essential possible where possible and slow down the impact of non-degradable plastics.

Direct pipe-in water dispensers are incredibly useful and convenient for all users and locations. For any enquiries, feel free to call us at 6841-5952.

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