Water Dispensers for Gym, Fitness Clubs and Recreational Locations
Elkay water cooler and bottle filling station at gyms and fitness centres
Drink Up after you Work Out!
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A water cooler in gyms, fitness centres and other recreational locations is essential for users. Physical exercise induces high sweat rates that come with substantial water and electrolyte loss, depending on factors such as intensity, duration, environmental conditions, type of clothing, equipment used and more.

Drinking water prevents excessive dehydration to replenish the fluids the body needs to recover and function, speed up healing, eradicate soreness, remove toxins and keep your muscles in proper working order.

Staying hydrated helps to boost performance, strength, and aerobic and anaerobic capacity during exercise. So, when your muscles feel too tired during a workout, grab some water before getting back to it.

Clean & Sanitary Drinking Water
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Water coolers come with carbon filters to remove particles to ensure the water is sanitary and good for consumption. Regular filter replacements, servicing and water dispenser maintenance conducted by trained specialists will also keep your water in perfect condition.

Traditional bottle-fed water coolers require replacement of the bottled water. However, water coolers in gyms have heavy usage which means that you have to constantly replace the depleted bottled water. Thus, most gyms and fitness centres opt for direct pipe-in water coolers as they are more economically viable and convenient.

A Greener Solution

Having a water cooler for your gym provides easy and quick accessibility to water. Moreover, there is no doubt that it is more cost-effective than a single-use bottled water. Gym users get to refill their own water bottles with unlimited amounts of filtered water quickly and on demand.

Single-use plastic bottles are the most detrimental for the environment because ultimately, most plastics are not biodegradable, posing harm and excessive plastic waste to the environment.

Elkay’s Green Ticker™ shows the total number of 590ml water bottles you save with every bottle refill.

Elkay water cooler with bottle counter - Green Ticker Refilling water from Elkay bottle filling station at the gym
Versatile Water Dispenser Options for Gyms

Water coolers should be placed at accessible locations in your gym. Ideally, they should be placed at various locations throughout your premises such as the resting area, pantry, corridors, changing rooms or within the workout rooms.

Water coolers come in various types such as wall-mounted, in-wall and floor-standings. Choose the most suitable type of water cooler depending on your space, from its fixtures to its overall design.

Contactless, Touchless and Sensor Activated Water Coolers
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With the increased concern on personal hygiene, it should be a frequent habit to wash your hands and refrain from touching your face unnecessarily.

Hand and personal hygiene may get the most attention when it comes to the spread of bacteria and viruses; however, don’t overlook the importance of keeping common surfaces clean as well.

Commonly touched surfaces have to be frequently disinfected throughout the day because bacteria and viruses can transmit from person to person through these touchpoints.

To reduce the common touch points at your gym, contactless water dispensers are your best go-to, especially as these water dispensers are a shared commodity at the gym.

Elkay Sensor Activated Water Dispensers ensures zero contact. Functions are activated by placing your hands a short distance away from the sensor-activated button panel, or by simply placing your bottle at the bottle filling station.

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GFS Innovation offers a range of water dispensers with optional contactless features for gyms, fitness centres, recreational locations and more.

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