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A still and sparkling water dispenser is a great addition for those in the HORECA (hotel, restaurant and café) industry that are looking to boost their revenue, service value-add, convenience, sustainability and more!

Not solely limited to restaurant use, sparkling water dispensers are great to have around the office to spruce up your office pantry where you can host your business associates.

Waterlogic’s still and sparkling water dispensers come with NSF-certified filtration systems for your utmost peace of mind, providing you and your guests clean drinking water in Singapore.

We have compiled 10 reasons why you should have one. Read on to find out more!

Increased demand for sparkling water in Singapore restaurants

Sparkling water has seen an increased demand in the HORECA industry in Singapore and is now a commodity that most contemporary restaurants, hotels and hospital venues offer, aimed to elevate the dining and service experience of diners and guests.

Continue reading to discover the many benefits that a still and sparkling water dispenser can give to your business.

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Water is essential to human health, with the body itself comprised of over 75% water. The body needs water to engage in basic functions like digestion, absorption, physical performance, and to support brain functions.

Aimed to promote higher water consumption and satisfy demand in the restaurant, hospitality and office sectors, a still and sparkling water dispenser provides freshly dispensed filtered water on demand.

In contrast to consuming sweetened beverages, it is recommended to limit daily sugar intake found in beverages, juices and other processed foods to 8 to 11 teaspoons. However, according to the Ministry of Health, an average Singaporean consumes an astonishing 12 teaspoons of sugar a day on average. With increased consumer awareness and to promote a healthier lifestyle, switching to water will be the best alternative to sweetened drinks. Still and sparkling water has zero sugar content and zero calories yet still tastes as good and satisfying.

Premium, Clean Quality Filtered Water
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Offering filtered water is a luxurious step ahead of tap water with the vast difference being the taste and quality. A filtered still and sparkling water system helps to remove particles, impurities and odour that interferes with the taste of water. At the same time, it helps to retain the essential minerals in water.

Still and sparkling water is often served to guests in branded glass bottles with elaborate presentations to meet consumer demands and provide a premium touch.

Featuring Fibredyne II media with AgION® antimicrobial protection to prevent potential bacterial growth, professional-grade Everpure filters are paired with our water systems. Everpure filters meet stringent industry standards with NSF® certification to deliver superior quality water, ensuring that every glass of water is purified, fresh and clean.

bespoke mixers

Many restaurants and hospitality locations are offering low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages with bespoke mixers.

A still and sparkling water dispenser is a smart way to increase your revenue and offerings, giving customers exactly what they are looking for. Be creative and explore with a wide range of herbs, infused fruits and concoctions, and customized sugar levels to suit your patrons’ preferences.

Having your own in-house curated beverages can help drive customer loyalty, repeat visits and create excitement.

bespoke mixers

Explore revenue opportunities with unlimited amounts of freshly dispensed still and sparkling water. Direct pipe-in water dispensers allow better control of expenditures as they maintain relatively flat fees regardless of consumption.

Here are some revenue opportunities you can explore with a still and sparkling water dispenser at your venue and with versatile options.

  • Complimentary water with every purchase of a main course meal
  • Charging a flat rate of unlimited still and sparkling water per diner
  • Selling as cocktail mixers

Waterlogic solutions provide incredible revenue opportunities for multi-outlet venues such as hotels and conference centres. Our versatile water systems can generate value-add and revenue for restaurants, bars, lounges and conference locations.

While guests still enjoy alcoholic beverages, the growing trend of non-alcoholic mocktails can make significant profits for F&Bs and restaurants. House-crafted beverages are highly versatile, low in costs and command a much higher profit margin compared to traditional canned and bottled drinks.

Profit Demonstration Bottled Soda In-House Made
Bottles Sold 800 800
Selling Price $3.50 $6.50
Est. Cost Per Unit $1.00 $0.70
Total Monthly Profit $2,000.00 $4,640.00
Total Annual Profit $24,000.00 $55,680.00

Easily prepare beverages of your choice by simply pressing a button. A high-capacity still and sparkling water dispenser can accommodate the busiest venues with an outstanding high capacity of 80L per hour.

A built-in portion control function makes things even easier for operations as it can dispense a preset volume for filling multiple units at once.


We understand that labour and storage space in Singapore can be extremely expensive. This becomes tricky especially when you have very limited working space.

A single still and sparkling water dispenser unit can come in replacement of multiple cartons of bottled beverages. What’s more, you can save your fridge space as storing and chilling bottled water is no longer necessary.


Our equipped technical support team are at your service island-wide.

Pick among a bi-annual or tri-annual servicing package and we will manage the maintenance and filter replacements. Unscheduled servicing is also included in our packages to ensure no disruption to operations when needed.

Green forest

The appeal of convenience and pursuit of variety has contributed to the popularity of bottled beverages. Plastic bottles take up to 1,000 years to decompose. They pollute land and oceans with micro-plastics and harmful leaking pollutants as well.

There is a drastic increase in the use of single-use plastic bottles. The bad news is most often, only 20% of plastics are recycled. The remaining gets incinerated and ends up in landfills. Singapore’s only landfill site is rapidly being filled up at a rapid rate and is estimated to be completely filled up by year 2035.

We recognise the importance of sustainability and how it plays a part in our carbon footprint. The foodservice and hospitality industry can also play a part in reducing carbon footprint.

We aim to move towards more sustainable practices and remove 30 million single-use bottles annually from the global foodservice and hospitality industry.

Green forest


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Featuring the Waterlogic H1 Bar, this still and sparkling water dispenser is specially designed for the foodservice, hospitality and office industries. We are pleased to offer a complimentary 1 week trial with installation for your establishment.

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