Why It's Great to Own a Home Water Dispenser in Singapore

Having a water dispenser at home is great for the busy you! In short, it helps substantially with convenience, clean water, energy and cost savings in the long run.

Water from the taps in Singapore is generally safe for consumption and highly monitored within the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. However, there are also instances where water quality is affected by circumstances like corroded water tanks, pipelines and water faucets.

Here are reasons why having a water dispenser at home will be useful for your family.

Different Water Temperatures for Your Needs

Tailor your desired water recipe for your daily needs at home. A water dispenser helps you with different temperature requirements.

  • Tea - Hot water
  • Instant Noodles - Boiling hot water
  • Hot Beverages - Hot water
  • Milk formulae - Warm to hot water
  • Cold beverages - Ice cold

cold beverage, tea, coffee, and instant noodles collage
99.9999% Clean, Purified Water

Armed with a two-step carbon filtration + UV purification process, clean and quality water output is guaranteed 100% of the time!

Carbon filters are made of activated carbon which remove sediments and pollutants in water. They also help get rid of unpleasant odour and taste.

Coupled with Waterlogic’s In-tank or Firewall™ UV water purification technology that kills waterborne bacteria and microbes.

No More Stagnant Water That Encourages Bacterial Growth

Bacteria thrive in moist and wet locations, thus leaving your drinking water out for prolonged periods encourage bacterial growth.

A direct pipe-in water dispenser omits storage of stagnant water with UV water purification. This ensures that water is being treated off bacteria before it lands in your glass.

Money, Time & Energy Saved

Save up on fridge space, gas and utility bills as you no longer need to store, chill and boil water at home. It saves you a great amount of time because drinking water is a daily necessity.

Unlimited Water Supply

Dispense unlimited amounts of filtered water with a hot and cold water dispenser with an ease of reach.

Easy, Fuss Free Maintenance

Maintenance is only required averaging once a year. Simply leave it to the hands of the equipped technician team with a peace of mind.

Save Money From Buying Bottled Water

The more people in your household, the more cost efficient it is. Bring your water from home so that you don’t have to purchase bottled water outside. Why pay extra for something that you are already paying for?

Moreover, bringing your own water bottle reduces the use of disposable plastic bottles that are detrimental to the environment.

Finally, having a home water dispenser helps you Drink More Water!


Featuring Waterlogic’s Firewall™ Cube Water Dispenser for Home

Modern Outlook for Your Kitchen Counter

waterlogic cube water dispenser in kitchen counter man and cube water dispenser in kitchen counter

Patented Firewall™ UV Technology

Water passing through elaborate UV lamp coils that eliminates bacteria and microbes.

UV lamp coils

Lighted Touch Panel Interface

With 4 water temperature types - Cold, Ambient, Hot and Extra Hot

waterlogic touch panel interface

We have a curated range of water dispensers for home catered to your needs.

Feel free to send in an enquiry to or reach us at 6841 5952 to find out more.

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